Meet Me

I Love Whiskey!

And I love spreading the good whiskey word.

Whiskey for Women was born out of a passion for the brown goods category itself and the desire to spread that love. Whiskey is romantic. Whiskey is historical. Whiskey is sexy. In both the book and the fun events we host, everyone can explore this sometimes daunting arena without judgement or snobbery. We are living in a fantastic Whiskey Renaissance now and our palates are demanding the liquid comfort food that whiskey delivers. 

Through my many years working in the beverage industry, I have had the pleasure to promote many world-class brands and whiskey always brings me back to its welcoming arms. So much talent and expertise has gone into the creation and distribution of these amazing brands that I remain in awe of their importance and relevance in today's cocktail and culinary culture.  The extraordinary effort behind what you see in your whiskey glass is fascinating and I truly enjoy delivering this passion to those who are yearning to learn about this very influential category.